Poem Written By Christian J. Ashliman A warm, dawning glow reflected off my cold, pale skin The morning air stands frigid; frozen to the influence of surrounding life Something stirs within; an opposite of the outside world, warm to the touch It is both familiar, and yet, foreign; wanted, but forbidden It has poisoned my […]

Psychological Test Critique Written By Christian J. Ashliman The Culture Fair Intelligence Test, or CFIT, is an evaluation of an individual’s IQ using methods that strive to remove any sort of cultural bias. Primarily, its goal is to test general abilities that are comparably independent of academic achievement, socioeconomic status, and other similar environmental factors.


Think Piece Written By Christian J. Ashliman It’s not every day that you get to have a little splash of self-actualization tossed in with your daily-routine salad. The moments that cause you to stop for a moment and ponder an action, thought, or idea, and arrive at the conclusion of striving to become better; it […]

Fallout Themed Short Story Written By Christian J. Ashliman Sirens pierced the crisp, frigid air like the edge of a knife, spurring the surrounding birds from their nesting spots and jolting awake the world to a fresh, cloudless morning. Theo’s eyes darted open and he winced at the intense high-pitched sound. Another drill? That’s the third […]

Historical Academic Analysis Written By Christian J. Ashliman The Classical World was an era that put extensive emphasis on social order, social class, and community principles[1]. During this time, there were three main societies that were of great importance; these included the Roman Republic, Han China, and the Gupta Empire[2]. While each of these civilizations […]