Letter Written By Christian J. Ashliman To the person you are, right at this moment, What is your current state of mind? How can you be sure? Under the pressures of school, homework, the job you probably have, a relationship, family, a child, friends, your relationship with yourself; how can you be sure of your […]

Prose Poem Written By Christian J. Ashliman If I had known that day would follow the track that it was destined to, I might have curled up in a tight, little ball, hiding under the thick, woolen blankets that draped my bed—for it was a day lived in the clouds, floated through as I scraped […]


Poem Written By Christian J. Ashliman Familiar waters gushing between rocks Crashing around every boulder A sound growing in volume To encapsulate a waking nightmare A time when he stalked her Watching her every move A slip, an error The world comes caving in Beneath knuckled fists To live in fear Is to not live […]

Think Piece (Academic Purpose) Written By Christian J. Ashliman The pursuit of mastery in the field of writing is an ongoing, never-ending, bumpy road that leads through twists and turns, around sharp cliffs, down racing slopes, across open fields, and eventually, out onto a blank page. Writing is one of the great passions of my […]

Think Piece Written By Christian J. Ashliman Thinking about the looming future, and all it’s possibilities, opportunities, and pathways, can be extremely daunting and difficult. It seems to be a part of our nature: to conceptualize the intense, stressful plans of our lives into small, heavy packages that weigh us down when we think about […]