For the past week or so, my beautiful dog Mia has been having some health issues. Nothing serious—starting with a bit of a stomach bug, and then moving to some constipation. She has handled it like a champion and is feeling a lot better today.


Across the table, where there stands no mirror I see myself—sitting and staring through my own body Feel the beams of vision pierce through my sternum Pressing into matter that pumps blood through my beating heart Meandering around bones and fibers that carry my being Shooting out of my back, into an unknown corner of […]


I think of the water—crashing and reaming against the sides of their boats, rocking the steel platforms that they had their feet planted on. A frothy, foamy excursion through wailing winds and raging ocean waters. The spray would plume up and over the sides of the boats, misting them with a salty shower that seeped […]

What’s the hurry? If we always hurried to the next moment our lives, would we ever actually stand to experience the moment we are in? Or would every passing second slip through our fingers, losing it’s meaning because of our rush to prepare for this unreachable future, ever eluding us, ever being chased over fences […]

I ate a strawberry muffin That was so dense It seemed to fill my shoes With every teething bite Thick and grainy As if to chew on memory foam Chomping and mulling Into paste between my gums I ate a strawberry muffin Plastered with leaves of crimson Skin curled up round edges Slashing the bread […]

I have traveled 3,004.8 miles on this little adventure of mine, up to this point, sitting just outside of Bend, Oregon. Or at least, that is how far my car has driven—I could probably tack on a few extra miles to the overall count if I added in the nature hikes and city walks I […]

Being on the road is such a strange experience–and not because of the obvious reasons, like having to figure out where to sleep, where to piss, where to get a snack, or where to get some free WiFi. Although, these things are all aspects that take more consideration when living on the road. I’m referring […]